The big foodie meet organised by Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) on 2nd of January at Kbob’s with fun-filled events and retro theme.


The event was initiated by Dr Bhavna Shah, Country Head – Malaysian Palm Oil Council, India with a speech on Palm Oil and its uses. She enlightened everyone about various brands using palm oil as an important ingredient in their products. Also, every food dish that was served had palm oil in it in one way or other.

And then the adventurous Food Hunt was initiated from Kbob’s with 50+ bloggers divided into 6 groups.

These groups were then given a cue card. The cue card helped them to find out the place for the activity. Can you guess which place is this?

You got this Right heaps!! The first place was Barbeque Nation. There we were given a quiz paper which had few questions about palm oil and its uses. After completing that quiz we were handed over another cue card. Guess Guess?

This place was Sugar & Spices, and the task here was tasting the food with blindfolded eyes and the item was Frankie. It was really YUM and worth trying. Later we had to mention all the ingredients of Frankie.

The last cue card was for Happy Singh. Trust me this place had a great ambience. The task awaiting here for us was Salad Making.

We were given few veggies and fruits and sauces to make salads and this is what we made.

Finally, we were supposed to reach back to Kbob and there was the best activity arranged for us. The Ice cream Challange, we were supposed to complete the entire bowl of ice cream in 60 secs (quite tough)

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Overall, the mpoc event was really an amazing experience, met new bloggers, got some cool hampers and most importantly the food. Kbob served amazing vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food.

All thanks to #mpoc for inviting us.