Are you someone who loves Nutella? Are you the kind of person who loves binge eating Nutella straight out of the jar? or let’s say the thought of diving deep into the jar makes your day!

Gone are the days when you were thinking of finding a new way to have Nutella except spreading it on the toast.

I’ve got something for you to make your life a bit exciting. Now you can use it as DAILY BEAUTY ESSENTIALS!

Nutella Lipstick Is Now A Thing And We Want It!

The gods of beauty have created a genius product and it’s a dream come true for a Nutella lover. Yes, you heard me right! US cosmetics brand Beauty Bakerie has introduced Nutella Lipstick.

This new line of Nude-tella lipsticks that are scented with the hazelnut and yumminess of Nutella! Who’d have thought of carrying Nutella all day long and that too as a lipstick? But this time without any smudges and stains on your clothes.

Turns out that now you’ve got the interesting way that can make your girlfriend extra happier in a much easier way!

Nutella Lipstick
Source: Giphy


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