We might think we love food from far-flung lands, but most of it is tailored to suit our taste. I remember 7 yrs ago, IKOBO was the only place I can recollect which used to serve the best sizzler in the town. For me, sizzler means – All you can eat salad Bar. Steaks, veggies and fries sometimes rice or noodles all on the go, kind of mini buffet you can say. The reason of choosing sizzler anytime is pretty simple, you get to eat everything you wish and can be divided into 2 to 3 portions without any leftovers, your tummy will be full for a longer time and it’ll cost easy on the pocket. Ahmedabad has got many places which serve delicious sizzler. Yanki’s, Upper Crust and Sizzante are the three best places I can suggest. And given my love for sizzlers, I bring you an interesting Sizzler Festival By Trophy, YMCA serving you the best possible sizzler you can have in Ahmedabad.

Sizzler Festival By Trophy, YMCA

Sizzler has great combination dishes popular for steak (originally refer to beef but modern dictionary refer it as meat of any domestic fowl/animal) such as chicken shashlik with fried rice or noodles, mutton kebab with biryani, grilled fish with salad bar, pork rib in wine sauce and mashed potatoes, and many more. A palatable picturesque arrangement of blazing hot grilled, roasted and/or fried meats or vegetables served on a sweltering plate along with sauces and sides is the perfect meal summed up.
Sizzler Festival By Trophy, YMCA
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Coming to the Sizzler Festival By Trophy, YMCA where they have a lot of healthy options. They have 4 vegetarian and 4 non-vegetarian sizzler options. They know how to do justice to the preparation. The Chicken Shashlik Sizzler and Oriental Black Knight Veg Sizzler are two items you shouldn’t miss out on.
Sizzler Festival By Trophy, YMCA
Source: @voyager_epicure
In Chicken Shashlik sizzler, you just simply cannot miss the aroma of herb rice served with sizzling hot sauce poured over the marinated chicken cubes (skewered) and accompanied with sauteed vegetables. It undoubtedly will tickle your taste bud in a way that you will chew every single bite carefully and get lost in a paradise.
Chicken Shashlik Sizzler
Source: @voyager_epicure
While in Oriental Black Knight Veg Sizzler, they have fried rice with crispy yummilicious wonton and sizzling cottage cheese. It’s wok tossed with exotic vegetables in black bean sauce. A healthy salad bar combo I can say!
Oriental black knight veg sizzler | Sizzler Festival By Trophy, YMCA
Source: @voyager_epicure

Want to know a little bit more about Sizzlers?

 Here you go, the origin of the sizzler probably goes back the teppanyaki-sizzled dishes of Japan. From there it moved to the US after World War II and became popular there in the 1950’s.
The sizzler’s Indian history began in Bombay in 1963. It’s when Firoz Irani started a restaurant named ‘The Sizzler’ near Excelsior Cinema, to showcase this novelty.
After Firoz Irani passed away, in 1967 his son Shahrukh Irani opened ‘Touche’ on Warden Road to continue sizzler tradition. Both the restaurants, Sizzler and Touche, were cult restaurants in their time, inspiring Kobe Sizzlers, Yoko’s a Fountain Sizzlers. In 1971, Shahrookh Irani moved to Pune and started ‘The Place: Touche’, which is still pretty popular.
Do visit this Sizzler Festival By Trophy, YMCA as soon as possible. It started on Jan 18th and they haven’t fixed the end date yet so you might get an opportunity to savour your taste buds. So hurry up! Don’t let your taste bud wait for too long. I know you are craving for it now!!
Shweta Lakhwani is a Travel Planner, Travel Blogger, Social Blogger, Amateur Poetry Writer and now Foodstagrammer and a Food Blogger, you can follow her food discoveries here: @voyager_epicure
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