With Holi Around the corner, when you’re all set to Play Holi and just when you get tired after playing enough with colors and water splashes, the first thing that tickles your tummy is a rush of Hunger and Thirst. So, here I’m with the list of Traditional Food items that will Make your Holi Complete! Check out the list below:

  1. Gol Gappa/Pani Puri:

-Amdavadis without pani puri is synonymous to a Holi without colors i.e. quite unimaginable and we just need a reason to eat more and more golgappas, Right? So, this holi lets compete among our loved ones that who can eat them most? Because why Not? 😉

Source: Foodiesinceborn92 on instagram.

2. Dahi Bada:

-When your White clothes will turn colorful after the tussle and bustle, you have a dish that you can relate with! The Mouth watering dahi bada is just in the same condition, it has tussled itself with colorful chutneys and bustled itself with yummy spices, just to dive down into your stomach and give you the taste you were looking for! Yummm 😉

Source: Foodmapjaipur on instagram.

3. Gujjiyas:

-Gujiyas are the Rajasthani chief guests that come to our home, every holi! These Yummy Tummy Fillers just can’t get any better with a dumpling like structure filled with khoya, honey and Full of dry fruits to add the sweet essence to your colorful day. 😛

Source: foodscapes.studio on instagram

4. Bhaang ke Ladoo:

-Every Holi lover to Bhaang be Like, “Tere Bina Kick muje milti Nahi” 😀 Because how can we not need craziness to dance like a Hippiee and to eat like a Gipppyy? Bhaang ke Ladoo is just like sweet energy bomb with an element of craziness hidden inside it. And when you’re in a dry city like that of Ahmedabad, you’ll Value Bhaang More. Haha, if you know what I mean? 😛 😉

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Source: Google Images

5. Malpuas:

-Fried in Ghee and dipped in Sugar syrup, Malpuas is the dessert worth craving for! It comes in a lot of varieties and the best part about it is we can add delicacies like Rabdi and basoondi with Malpuas just to have the best version of them, this holi 😛

source: India_canteen on instagram


So, This Holi don’t forget to treat yourself with the yummy delicacies and make it colorful, because HOLIII HAIIII!!!!! 😀



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