I bet you all had time in your life where you get all confused between choosing two types of cuisine or dishes. In order to solve this, you might’ve also failed why trying different fusion dishes. Don’t worry I’ve got the solution to your problem and we found that at Bayleaf- Courtyard By Marriott. If I quote our very favourite Sanjeev Kapoor where he said “Fusion food is all about bringing together the best of two cuisines to create a dish that is in the true sense – A new world cuisine!” With a great name Marriott and the peculiar taste of each dishes from diverse places, it seems like a huge task to create a perfect balance and present something one of kind. But Bayleaf- Courtyard By Marriott is all set to create a mark by their specially curated series of fusion dishes by chef Rahil Aga.

Here are the dishes from Bayleaf- Courtyard By Marriott‘s  menu which made our evening a savoury experience:

The Great Start:

Firstly we tried Daal shorba, Chicken shorba and Tandoori tikka salad.

Bayleaf- Courtyard By Marriot

The kind of starters that make you want to let go off the main course:

It followed by Nizami mutton Galoutti (Signature of Bay Leaf), Dabeli Paneer Tikka, Parmesan Cheese Chicken Tikka, Chicken Centimeter and Bayleaf Galouti.

Bayleaf- Courtyard By Marriott

No wait! My mouth is already watering. I am gonna hog on:

The main course included Bayleaf Makhanwala, Dum Nariyali Prawns, Daal Bayleaf, Singhara Makhanna Palak, Nalli Rogan Josh, Pyazmirch Roti, Sumac Naan and Bayleaf Naan.

Bayleaf- Courtyard By Marriot

Now, Who even refuses to such desserts?

The dessert, Rasmalai Cheesecake had a distinct taste the famous Indian dessert and it definitely satisfied our sweet tooth.

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Bayleaf- Courtyard By Marriott

The very question that’s coming in your mind is ” Is it worth your money?” Let me tell you one thing that we go to know while interacting with the Chef Rahil.The major focus he had while developing these dishes was that when people come to restaurants at 5 star hotel they should be served the kind of dishes they don’t usually get to eat anywhere else. The ultimate fusion of various dishes from all over India is carefully curated to give your tastebuds a treat like never before.

Talking about the Chef Rahil Aga, he has worked with the famous chefs like Sanjeev Kapoor with his tv show and the famous name like Khana Khazana. The perfection in this fusion series comes from his experience in this field. From developing recipes in R&D department, training staffs and setting up restaurants he’s worked in almost areas related to this industry in India and the middle east.






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