Dussehra, also known as Dasara or Vijayadashami in different parts of India, is a popular festival among Hindus as it signifies good winning over evil. Similarly in Gujarat, this day is famous for being a dedicated occasion for eating Fafda Jalebi and has now become a tradition that everyone looks forward to. So we thought why not to give our amazing readers the list of best Fafda Jalebi places in Ahmedabad.

Do you know the reason behind eating Fafda Jalebi on Dussehra?

After 9 days of Navratri fasting, it is a ritual to end the fast with food made of gram flour (besan). And so, we eat Fafda with papaya chutney and kadhi to end the fast.

Now you might wonder why Jalebi is eaten? That’s so because Lord Rama’s favourite dessert was Jalebi and Dusshera being the festive day where Lord Rama killed Ravana, we celebrate it by having his favourite dessert on this day.

Well talking about Fafda Jalebi, your mouth must be watering now. So, here we’re with the best five places to grab your tasty breakfast for Dussehra:-

Source: Zomato

Available for:
Fafda- 1 kg for Rs 400.
Jalebi- 1 kg for Rs 400.

Source: Google

Available for:
Fafda- 250g for Rs 125.
Jalebi- 250g for Rs 160

Source: Zomato

Available for:
Fafda- 100g for Rs 42.
Jalebi-  100g for Rs 32

Source: Google

Available for:
Fafda: 100g for Rs 44.
Jalebi: 100g for Rs 26.

Source: Zomato

Available for:
Fafda- 1 kg for Rs 440
Jalebi- 1 kg for Rs 600

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To sum it up, now you know of these places where tasty Fafda Jalebi is available. So make sure you’re the first one to have them as the queue to have this Fafda Jalebi will be longer than you can even think tomorrow!

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