When its rainy season, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Those waterlogged streets, the smell of mud, chai ki chuski, garma garam pakodas and bhajiyas, slurpy Maggi, and the list is will not end. But, whatever it is, bhajiyas or pakodas, be it any type, it will surely remind you and make your mouth water when it rains. Now, when we want to enjoy this rainy season to the fullest, here I have some of the most common yet tasty bhajiyas for your rainy evenings. As you know that Monsoon and Bhajiya = Match Made In Heaven!

1. Dalvada:

Monsoon and Bhajiya
Source: @all_about_f0od

Dalvada kon kon khase? When you’re in the office and it’s raining outside, and still you manage to make the most of it by ordering Ambika Dalwada with some onions and spicy chutney.

2. Bataka Vada:

Monsoon and Bhajiya
Source: @itsfoodieonly

Rainy evenings are absolutely incomplete when you don’t have this delicious Bataka Vada deep-fried in oil and served along with green chutney.

3. Methi Na Gota:

Monsoon and Bhajiya
Source: @3rd.witness

A bite of a soft spongy methi na gota alon with adrakh chai on a rainy evening! What else do you need?

4. Kanda Bhajiya:

Monsoon and Rains
Source: @thestarvingstunner

Crispy kanda bhajiya popped out from the hot oil pan served along with tamarind and green chutney is pure bliss for all those who crave for rainy delights.

5. Bharela Marcha Bhajiya:

Monsoon and Bhajiya
Source: Hungrito

Mirchi stuffed with spicy filling dipped in the bhajiya batter and fried in the hot oil, served garma garam!

6. Bread Pakoda:

Monsoon and Bhajiya
Source: Google

The modern-day bhajiya as in bread pakoda filled with the potato filling is all ready for you to enjoy it with tomato ketchup for the rainy evenings.


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