It’s 12 in the Mid-Night and you suddenly crave for food, What’s the first place that strikes to you? The best place to have local cuisines in Ahmedabad? Oh Yes! Manekchowk it is. Manekchowk is the Gem of Ahmedabad. From the most authentic old-age flavours to the delicious new-age flavours you’ll get everything at Manekchowk. From Dosa, Sandwiches, Pizza’s, Gujarati Farsan’s to Tawa Ice-cream, Faluda, Juice’s you can satisfy all your cravings at Manekchowk Ahmedabad. So here we are with the 10 must have dishes of Manekchowk.

1. Fafda Jalebi:

Fafda’s are something that every Amdavadi can go gooey for. We can have it at any given time, any place, any occasion. And with jalebi, it’s like perfect food made better.

10. Tawa Ice cream:

A new member in the Ice Cream family which does not only taste good but also its preparation is fun to watch. 


These were the 10 dishes we had for you from Manekchowk Ahmedabad.

Do let us know if there are some other dishes too that you liked at Manekchowk which we missed in the comments section below.

Raveena Rewani
Author: Raveena Rewani

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