This Valentines enjoy a Romantic dinner with your loved one. Sitting on the rooftop, gazing at the stars, light soothing music, candlelight dinner, and a glass of wine are just perfect to make your evening romantic. It makes your partner feel special when you take them on a date or for a candlelight dinner. Whether you are looking for a first impression or rekindle your old flame, we have brought to you the best romantic restaurants in Ahmedabad which are a must visit with your loved one and also their exciting valentines week offers.

1. @Nine-The Fern : Sola

Romantic Restaurants In Ahmedabad
Source: @nine-The Fern

@Nine is really a magical place and you should visit once with your better half to make your date a special one. This place is beyond expectations. The ambience here along with the view will leave you speechless. And the feel of the light music is awesome.

Event: Make it a starry affair for your Valentine by dining at @Nine on roof Top, 9th Floor, with package inclusions of Non Alcoholic wine,Special cake,live music, Chef Special curated Menu and much more…!!

On 14th Feb.2019 from 06:00 pm to 01:00 am.

Must Have: Crostini, Char Grilled Chicken, Chilled Water Melon Soup                                  Costs: 1,600 for two people

2. Poetry: Bodakdev

Romantic Restaurants In Ahmedabad
Source: Poetry

This place is just like a poem as the name suggests. A place full of fusions and high-life feels. The decor here is very sober yet classic. The soothing music will leave you spellbound. Here, the ceiling is filled with lights that will make your evening colourful.

Must Have: Mojito, Clear Soup, Pasta, Pizza,Mocktails, Ravioli, Mushroom Soup                  Costs: 1,200 for two people

3. Fresh Roast: Paldi

Romantic Restaurants In Ahmedabad
Zomato: F & B

This place is love for all heritage lovers. Those who love traditional, rustic ambience, this place is perfect. If your loved one is crazy about clicking pictures, then you are at the right place. You’ll be stunned by seeing it’s decor and you definitely will enjoy here.

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Must Have: enchiladas, Cappuccino, Mocktails,Fettuce Salad, Pizza, Coffee, Lasagne          Costs: 800 for two people

4. Tiger Bay: Bodakdev

Romantic Restaurants In Ahmedabad
Source: Tiger Bay

Looking for an outdoor seating, then this is the right spot. You’ll get different seating options available here. You cannot resist yourself to take a roundabout because it has a beautiful landscape. You’ll just love the vibe of this place.

Valentines Offer: 10% off on your first order.
Valid from Fri, 3 Aug, 2018 to Thu, 28 Feb, 2019

Must Have: Hot Pot, Ferrero Rocher Waffle, White Sauce Pasta, Hot Chocolate, Burger        Costs: 1,100 for two

5. Patang: Ashram Road

Romantic Restaurants In Ahmedabad
Source: @la_food_house

Titled as Landmark of Ahmedabad, this place is worth a visit at least once for dinner or lunch with your better half. The best thing about this restaurant is that it is rotating and you can see the riverfront from the top which will make your evening more romantic.

Must Have: Hakka Noodles, Sweet CornSoup, Rasgulla, Cannelloni, Biryani                        Costs: 1,600 for two

6. Spices and Herbs: Gandhinagar

Romantic Restaurants In Ahmedabad
Source: Spices and herbs

A place to go on a date with your girlfriend! This place has the option of rooftop terrace dine in which is perfect to have candlelight dinner under the stars along with the cool atmosphere. This place is a must visit.

Must Have: Enchiladas, Mocktails, Pizza, Paan Shot, Hot Pot                                          Costs: 700 for two

7. @Mango: Bodakdev

Romantic Restaurants In Ahmedabad
Source: Google Images

@Mango has pleasant ambience. You are welcomed with a live orchestra, the moment you enter. They have best options for couples who want to spend some quality time. Some places cannot be described, they just need to be felt.

Must Have: Mocktails, Pinacolada, Pizza, Hot Pot,Mojito, Pasta, Clear Soup                 Costs: 1,300 for two

8. The Cafe Date: Bodakdev

Romantic Restaurants In Ahmedabad
Source: Google Images

This place is awesome to hang out with friends, family and also with your loved one. This is also one of the rooftop cafes in Ahmedabad. You’ll truly love this place once you visit it.

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So, these romantic restaurants in Ahmedabad are really worth to visit with your loved one and these will surely make your date night a memorable one.

Must Have: 500 for two                                                                                          Costs: Pastas, Pizza, red vine sangria and mojito.

9.Sphere Lounge – Hotel Ramada: Prahlad Nagar, Ahmedabad

Romantic Restaurants In Ahmedabad
Source: Zomato

With a Breathtaking view of the city good service and even better food this is a must visit rooftop lounge for a date or to hangout with few close friends. On top of that, Enjoy mouth watering Food & Beverages with unplugged Music on the eve of 14th February.

Valentines offer: Enjoy mouth watering Food & Beverages with unplugged Music from Thu, 14 February 2019 to Fri, 15 February 2019 · 06:00 pm – 02:00 am

Must Have: Hot Chocolate, Pizza, Pasta, Coffee.
Costs: 1,100 for two

10. SKYZ RESTAURANT& BANQUETS: Prahlad Nagar, Ahmedabad

Romantic Restaurants In Ahmedabad
Source : Zomato

If we are talking about rooftop restaurants, we cannot leave this one behind. SKYZ is one of the most well known rooftop restaurants, with their super good hospitality, the amazing ambiance, and equally good food. The place is maintained well and has a very nice outdoor section and Live Music that provides for a nice setup for a candle night dinner date.

Must Have: Indian Dishes, Biryani.
Costs: 1,000 for two


Romantic Restaurants In Ahmedabad
Source: Zomato

With a very funky decor giving it Diner look and an equally good service. One of the most famous place to go out on a casual date with a very good dinning experience and most importantly the lip-smacking food served by them. With a wide variety of menu ranging from Indian to Italian. A good place for Non-Veg lovers as well.

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Must Have: Mexican Hot Pot, Lasagna, Mocktails.
Costs: 1,300 for two

12. EARTHEN OVEN – FORTUNE LANDMARK: Ashram Road, Ahmedabad

Romantic Restaurants In Ahmedabad
Source: Zomato

With candle light and live folk music on demand and a very nice view, they can make a normal date to a very romantic one. The dining experience is regarded as one of the finest with, Veg & Non-Veg both options availabe.

Must Have: Dal Bukhara with Rumali Roti, Mughlai.
Costs: 1,600 for two

13. Varitea: Sindhu-Bhavan Road, Ahmedabad

Romantic Restaurants In Ahmedabad
Source: Zomato

With an indoor seating as well as an outdoor seating available, Varitea has one of the best rooftop areas with the view of The Sindhu Bhavan Road and the S.g Highway with a very nice ambiance, prompt service and the friendly staff combined with the tastiest food you can imagine is one of the best place to have a nice cozy evening with a love done.

Must Have: Pasta, Pizza, Butter Garlic Fries.
Costs: 600 for two

14. Truffle The Cafe: S.P Ring Road, Ahmedabad

Romantic Restaurants In Ahmedabad
Source: Zomato

With an outdoor seating, live music, open theme gives it a very different vibe making it different from all the other listed places it is the only place with this setup, and an ideal setup for a date under the moon and the shooting stars, maing it a very romantic evening for you and your loved one.

Must Have: Pizza, Coffee, Mocktails, Sandwiches, Burgers.
Costs: 800 for two

15. Ristretto- Behind The Rods: Navrangpura, ahmedabad.

Romantic Restaurants In Ahmedabad
Source: Zomato

With a very different interior, it is one of a kind place, having a very unique and funky way of presenting you with your drinks and food with live sports screening and a live music it is a very good place to take your someone on a date. It has specials events on different occasions, like the one going on, “Ristretto College Combo”. and many more.

Valentines offer: Candle light dinner Thu, 07 February 2019 · Today, 07:00 pm-11:30 pm

Must Have: Mocktails, Pizza, Pasta
Costs 1,000 for two



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