Cooking Rule: If at first, you don’t succeed then order pizza!

Who doesn’t love pizza, everyone does right? The gooey, cheesy, soft pizza loaded with tangy sauces, veggies and crispness, give the taste buds a delightful experience. Pizza is something which is a favorite food for everyone. Anytime just to have something we love, then the first thing that strikes our mind is pizza. And at any pizza joint be it Dominos, Pizza Hut, US pizza, the most preferred pizza would be Margharita. But not every one of you prefers to have only 2-3 pizza slices along with some cold drinks. Many of you would prefer limitless pizza meals which include a variety of salads, soups, starters, pizzas, and dessert of course! The best thing about unlimited pizza meals is they are even available for lunch and I bet you’ll be so full just when you reach halfway. So here we have some options for having unlimited pizza meals in Ahmedabad.

Unlimited Pizza Meals | Pizza
Source: Zomato

Lunch unlimited meal: Rs. 180

Dinner unlimited meal: Rs. 220

Locations: CG Road, Gurukul, Bopal, Prahladnagar



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