Ok, so let me ask you something! What’s the best go-to snack famous in Mumbai? The answer to this question is obviously Mumbai Vadapav! And after hearing the name Vadapav, there’s a sudden sparkle in our eyes as it is such a dish that cannot be resisted. Also, whenever your tummy is dying of hunger, one of your friends would suddenly say, “Yaar, bau j bhukh lagi che, chal ne Vadapav khava jaia.” And then you would be like, “What are you waiting for?” for these small memorable moments and a hangout snack, we have a number of places for Vadapav in Ahmedabad, to visit with your friends and to taste different types of Vadapav. Therefore, binge at these places with your friends and also write to us about your experience.

Vadapav In Ahmedabad
Source: Nikhil Soneji
Vadapav In Ahmedabad
Source: Yatrick Pandya

So do visit these places of Vadapav in Ahmedabad with your friends and share your experiences with us about the same.


Megha Shah
Author: Megha Shah

Food, like a loving touch or a glimpse of divine power, has that ability to comfort.

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