Does it become difficult to decide where to go every weekend? And when it’s the last weekend of the month, the salary is also about to end. So to have great food, with awesome ambiance, here’s a list of the places where you can binge on this weekend. The best part is these places are listed on Zomato Gold. So double the fun, food, and friends!

1. Puffizza:

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Source: Zomato

For all the pizza lovers, you can bump at Puffizza for the delicious pizza with a puffy base. The four cheese puff pizza is really the best one, if you want is all cheessseeeeeeeee!

2. The Red Bistro:

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Source: @the.foodista

This place has a very soothing ambiance and is very well known for its different types of fondues served in Ahmedabad. Apart from fondues, they serve fusion dishes for cuisines such as Italian, Mexican and North Indian.

3. Kailash Parbat:

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Source: @goodfoodbaby

Want to try something chatpata and street style? Kailash Parbat has options for the most favored street food. And, it is monsoon season, cravings to have spicy street food couldn’t be resisted. So this place sounds perfect!

4. Fullfills:

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Source: @riyasfoodjourney

If you are looking for something unique, Fullfills will surely not disappoint you. They are the first in Ahmedabad to serve the best chimney cones, both in sweet and savory flavors. And the Zomato Gold advantage, you know right!

5. Khichdi Etc.:

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Source: @tastingwithfingers

How about having desi Khathiawadi with a videsi touch? Then, Khichdi etc. should definitely be on your bucket list. Check out how a desi khichdi has so many numerous flavors at this place.

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6. London Bubble Co.:

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Source: @the_avidfoodie_

And finally, ending the meal with a dessert is by default. So this luscious bubble waffle with a dark chocolate scoop might be the best idea ever! As your inner foodie will keep on telling, “waffle to banta hai”!

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